Welcome to the Poole and District Fishermen’s Association

Poole and District Fishermen’s Association has over 90 members and can trace its origins back to a 1903 agreement when the fishermen of Poole were granted the right to use an area to the East of Town Quay.

PDFA are responsible for the management of the Fish Landing Area, the Fishermen’s Slipway and the 120 berth Fishermen’s Boat Haven. They act as agents for Poole Harbour Commissioners in the collection of dues and mooring fees.

PDFA members include potters, netters, clam dredgers, worm draggers, angling and dive charters and shellfish farmers.

There are 79 registered fishing vessels operating from Poole Harbour. Half of these pursue the clam and cockle fishery and the rest of the fleet are day boats using static nets and pots to catch crab, lobster, sole, plaice, bass, mullet and whelks.

Several barges and workboats are based at the Boat Haven, servicing the shellfish farms in the Harbour.

Approximately 25 charter boats work from Poole, making it one the most popular angling destinations in the country, due to the ease of access and diversity of species.

PDFA exists to support it’s members in their commercial endeavours and to represent their views at a local and national level. PDFA has good contacts within the government departments and NGO’s that oversee the fishing industry and PDFA always partakes in the consultation process when legislative changes are proposed.